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What does the Lord

require of us?

To do justice,

to love one another,

to be compassionate,

and to walk

humbly with God.

Micah 6:8

Faith in Action Network is 
an association of Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, 
religious based agencies, seminaries, and lay/clergy groups that has served Monroe County since 1991. Formerly Genesee Ecumenical Ministries, (GEM), the roots of ecumenical work in this agency date back to 1919 when early churches in the city began to work together to address the common good 
for all people.  
The name of the corporation remains the 
Greater Rochester 
Community of Churches.
Acting out of the core values 
of our Christian faith, 
the (GRCC) Faith In Action Network 
of Rochester  gathers congregations 
and people from diverse communities 
to build relationships and support initiatives based on spiritual and community values that advocate, model, and celebrate basic human rights.  
We work toward the day when 
every child, youth and adult feels safe, experiences support and care, and can discover ways to use their gifts for the good of the beloved community.


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FOR ALL OF US HUNGRY TO EXPERIENCE UNITY, REMEMBRANCE AND LOVE, save Saturday afternoon FEBRUARY 11.  A service of remembrance and healing.  We gather around Rochesterís own Bell of Remembrance given to the Rochester faith community by the Franciscans.  Join us with Brother David Schlatter, the Franciscan priest who presented the bell to us.  We meet at 4:30 at Peace of Christ at St. Ambrose parish, 25 Empire Boulevard, Rochester.   Dinner follows at 6 p.m.  (Come to either or both.)  Music, dinner, a time of reflection and community.  Tolling remembrance of those we miss, and the promise of love.  Minimum donation $10 for dinner ticket to support the ministry of the bell.  RSVP to GRCC 254-2570.  To make a donation to cover the cost of your dinner now, please click




June 6th, 2017

Burgundy Basin

5:30 pm

Details to follow - keep checking the website!

The Fight for 15 is on the verge of a major victory! The New York State wage board is coming together soon to determine the wage rate that should exist in fast food. If fast food workers in New York State win $15, it will embolden the nationwide movement that began first in New York City.


This report, approved by the 219th General Assembly (2010), challenges our society's fatalism and numbness in accepting the highest gun death rates in the world, reviews past church positions and proposes a new "spiritual awakening" approach: a church-related, community-based strategy inspired by "Heeding God's Call".  The report looks at our culture of violence-acceptance, with its undercurrents of fear and desperation.  

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