Initiatives for Justice and Kindness

The Micah Team is the justice arm of GRCC Faith in Action.  It takes its name from the biblical book of Micah, chapter 6, verse 8:

  “And what does the Lord require of but to do justice, and to love kindness,

                                      and to walk humbly with your God.”

The team meets monthly on the second Monday at 10:30 at the GRCC offices.  Some of our most popular programs and events center on this way of building the beloved community.

Burial Initiative and Life Decisions Program

Formed in 2012 to offer burials for individuals with no resources and often no family, GRCC has organized and held burial services, including providing faith leadership and attendees for over 100 funerals and provided grave markers for over 300 unmarked graves. Two years ago a new program, Meeting End-of Life Needs of Our Vulnerable Neighbors, was launched to help those with limited resources and/or family support be made aware of end-of-life options available including: access to hospice care, health care proxies, and other burial wishes such as cremation.

  Annual Memorial Service for those who die without          family or resources

Begun in 2012, this annual service held at Peace of Christ Parish honors the memory of those individuals who died and had a burial service over the past year.  Those gathering include family members of those who had died along with many of the more than 100 volunteers who participate in this program.  Some of these are members of the clergy who donate their time to lead the services.  Others are lay people who participate and pray for those who have died.  Some of the most dedicated volunteers got involved after attending a burial service for another family member and now want to ensure that others who die without resources do not get buried alone.

Good Friday CrossWalk for Solidarity and Justice

In conjunction with the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Dioceses of Rochester, GRCC Faith in Action Network, and many community churches and organizations, this powerful and popular walk has taken place since 2007 on Good Friday morning.  The walks were originally organized to call attention to and pray for those exposed to the violence and injustice often associated with living in poverty. They take place in a different neighborhood each year beginning at a local church and proceeding through the neighborhood, stopping along the way to pray and “make holy” sites of violence and/or places where there is hope and rejuvenation. The walks regularly have drawn 200-300 and are often joined by local residents.

In addition, GRCC collaborates with partner organizations on certain justice issues:

Children’s well being with The Children’s Agenda:

Immigration policies with the Sisters of St. Joseph:

Poverty with the Angel Loan Fund held at the Rochester branch of Visions Federal Credit Union: 

Gun control with The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester (TIAR):

Poverty with the New Poor People’s Campaign:

Hunger concerns with Foodlink: