Coalition for the Beloved Community

Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.              ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rooted in love, The Coalition for the Beloved Community is a countywide movement to build a culture of peace, grounded in dignity and fed by hope.  We are dedicated to personal and community transformation based on community standards borne out of the testimony of the people and out of our love for our community.


The Ten Standards

We use language that respects everyone.

Every child is our own.

We move out of our pews (comfort zones) and into the streets.

Our towns, villages, city and county are a community of shared power.

Law is the servant of a loving community.

We build families.

Everyone works; all work is valued; each has resources to live with dignity.

Every school is a safe community of learners.

We build front porch neighborhoods.

We foster healing communities with all who are touched by violence.


Since the creation of the Rochester Coalition for a Beloved Community in 2006, the following has guided its work:

The Rochester New York region is known for a spirit of generosity.  Embracing shared vision and shared sacrifice, we commit our collective labor, creativity, passion and wealth to our beloved community.

We envision a community at peace, neighborhoods safe for walking, porches filled with conversation, emerging friendships that transcend race, class, religious, cultural, and geographic boundaries.  We see children nurtured from before birth. Our families are cherished, supported and empowered. We are people who insist on respectful language. Police and citizens work in close cooperation. We embrace all who have been wounded by violence. Our community is a model of shared power and transparent public decision-making. We are engaged and informed citizens. Our schools are safe and vibrant environments where everyone learns and everyone teaches. We see doors to fruitful work opening and the end to poverty. The roots of violence are withering and being replaced with the roots of peace.

For more information about gatherings, contact the GRCC office.